Thursday, February 26, 2015

Player Journals from Session 13

Caryatid's Diary
Dear diary:

Finally made it off the mountain after an extended visit with Granny Weatherwax. I swear if I had to spend one more day near that evil mountain troll, I’d have killed him myself, Infestation Managers’-style. Back to adventuring down below the city, our group was inexplicably smaller than usual although I did hear a rumor about some cleric and an epic tour of every pub in the city with a vowel in its name. We met an acquaintance of Sprat’s, an meek guy named Alex who wanted to join us in a quest for treasure while searching for a lost friend. We agreed to let him join us and wouldn’t you know we ended up in that crazy room with the thorn throwing plant. Gosh darn are they hard to kill!! Lucky for me I was able to make use of the Magic Missile spell I learned while visiting Granny, it was only slightly more useful than tossing Molotov cocktails at the thing. We spent nearly our entire time there battling this vicious weed. It killed Alex. We gained a little treasure, but were exhausted from the extensive battle so we returned to the surface. Oh and on the way back there were giant bees (of course), there’s always giant bees.

Gulleck's seventh journal
Been a profitable couple of runs. Don't much want to go down below without more folks helping out, though, even if I gotta share more of the cash.

Thinking I may just stick with muscle boy as a helper from here on out. Ol' pointy-ears was helpful enough, but a wall of muscle sure comes in handy.

Lessee here. Found a bank with a magic vault thingy. Found a key, found a box, found a trap, found an alarm, found some nasty gas. Some of that were less nice than others. Some nice stuff in the box, though. Gems, scrolls, some weird food and drink... Gems were worth a nice little bit.

Found the hall of records, finally. Old guy was pretty happy with a lotta what we found, and some of it was good for us too. Magic scrolls, wands and whatnot. Killed some orcs on the way in, killed a filthy knocker bastard while searching, scared off some silly humans who thought they could muscle in on us. Some sorta invisible guardian in there, helped out with the humans a bit.

Found some poor lost gnomies with maps about as hard to read as ours. Helped em get back home. Hate to see a cousin in distress, y'know?

Headed back up after that. Next time down was a bit more lonely. Lots of folks not around for reasons and such, just four of us went down, plus thiefy whatsit. Oh yeah. Thiefy whatsit told us his buddy and him find some loot and his buddy got all killed getting away from their boss. Guess there was some back way by some killer plants, and they lived up to the name.

Took thiefy whatsit down with us, he wanted a share, seemed fair enough.

Plants were nasty. Lots of em, first off. Lots of flying thorns, too. Leastwise they were slow, so we could stay away from the things. Figured pretty quick that running in would get us killed, so I hacked a hole in the boards round the garden. Muscle boy took my crossbow and shot at the ones we could see for a bit. Wizardry guy hit em with some glowy bolts, and we set one on fire pretty good.

Thought we had em all taken care of, but when we went in to look at buddy's body, turned out there were a couple more. Muscle boy and me hacked em up pretty good. Damn near made it out with only minor scratches... Cept thiefy whatsit charged in too. Turns out that were a mistake. Last mistake for him. Plants killed him dead right by his buddy. Took a bit of my share to get him buried, figured it was the least I could do for a guy who got me lots of loot. And there sure was some nice loot. Jewelry and whatnot worth a mint.

I'm glad those crazy humans never decided to just take this place over. More stuff for me!

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