Monday, February 9, 2015

Player Journals from Session 10

Journal of Tod P. Quasit for January 26th
Professor Zin was a wise old man who lived in the tallest house on the highest floor of the highest place in the whole entire city with his friend Peter who attended to all his needs and wants and desires.

And so, why not go ask him what this little bag of white powder is? To The Steps we trudges in search of knowledge. Through the warehouse district, and the hair district and the kazoo district and the waffle house district and through the potted plant district and the slightly dented district and the up and up and up and up and up and up and up we went to the house of Professor Zin. And his dear friend Peter.

Turns out, for 500 silver pieces, Professor Zin will answer all your questions for a good half hour. It was Rage Dust. Candy Anger. The ZAP. I took the bag after giving the professor a small sample. I plan to use it when the time is right. I hear it gives a person the strength of ten. I caught Jibber looking at me judgmentally. That's what he does.

So, we went back into the Undercity later in the week having made a new friend in the bad part of town. We found a new temple and encountered a bunch of idiots. Guess what we did with them? Go on. Guess. We found a new way into the Undercity but we didn't go out that way. And we killed some beautiful giant lizards so I could make boots from their skin. Probably the last of their kind. Given how every single creature in the cursed place tries to kill us, more or less, I didn't have any misgivings. That's about it for this last delve. I know I'm forgetting something but I can't remember it. Oh yeh. Some pool of blood or something of questionable properties. We filled a water skin up with the juice and will probably bring it back to Zin later on.

Jibber has invited me for large jugs of beer and a ham sandwich at the Shiny Onion (all you can eat special) where he will no doubt lecture me on the dangers of foreign substances. You see the irony there.

Gulleck's fifth journal

Humans are nuts. Just rock-chewing crazy. Who else would live in a building that'd fall over in a storm? I guess I'm nuts too, though, since I went up to the fifth damn floor of one of those things.

Old guy who lives there is supposed to be smart, too. How smart is a guy who thinks a good view is worth more than solid engineering?

Seems to know enough about stuff, though. Knew what the orc powder was. Some sorta rage stuff, keeps em angry and wanting more. Nasty.

Left him my sketches of the magic organ thing so he can make a copy. Maybe someday I can figure out how to make a small version of the thing. I'd need help from some magic type folks, I suppose.

Not much to say about the city underneath this time. Killed some spiders and some lizards, saw some more damn strange temples, knocked out some crazy folks who attacked me for offering em wine and left em by their entrance to shuffle on home.

Oh yeah, found another way down. Could be handy, but first we gotta know where it comes up.

Gotta remember to check with cousin Harfang about costs to hire and equip a ship heading back to the Mountain.

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