Monday, February 16, 2015

Player Journals from Session 11

Journal of Tod P. Quasit
Perhaps it would be a good idea to jot down my journal entry while the adventure is still fresh in my memory. I fear tomorrow the vivid images will have begun to fade because tonight I plan to take full advantage of the three for one shot special at the Flaming Sow. Jibber lost a bet with me concerning the sex of three people we met in The Steps. Let's just say they weren't women. So he's buying.

Anyhow, after arranging for my new lizard skin boots to be made, we again delved into the Undercity. There were a bunch of the usual gang missing. Only six of us delved, including a new thief by the name of Velvet. Wilhelm has left us. I'll miss his utter lack of personality and quick sleep spell.

We went to the other exit we had found last week and sent Velvet up because she looked the most like a normal person. She came back down and told us that it was only a few blocks away from the Rusty Lantern. I would have thought farther but apparently every mile under the city is only ten feet above. Like time in a dream. Right?

We went back to the temple with the night sky painted on the ceiling and the tub of blood. Tyrriel decided to fill up some flasks with the blood and sure enough just as she reached towards the tub giant freaking centipedes come pouring out a biting as they went. They bit her real good. Jibber and I attacked along with Gulleck and Twiffle. Velvet ran up and sucked the venom out of Tyrriel's wound. If it weren't so gross it would have been hot. But Twiffle got bit real bad and no one sucked out his wound. We killed a few of the bugs and the rest ran off and Twiffle got real real sick. Poor bastard. He was utterly incapacitated so we took him back to his apartment and made him comfortable. It didn't seem like he was getting worse. We asked at the Rusty Lantern and apparently these centipede bites aren't uncommon and so far have never been fatal, but they do knock the victim out for at least a week if not two.

Gulleck, losing no time, went to the Rent A Fighter warehouse outlet near the river and returned with a strapping young lad going by the name of Rutger. See yah Twiffle.

We delved again, and put Rutger to the test, having him do my job, popping open sticky doors. He ran head first into the door and bounced off it. He did this four times until I sort of hinted he should use his shoulder. Bravo young Rutger. You show a propensity for learning. Maybe I'll be keeping my door opening job after all. So we made our way back to the tub of blood temple, and went south to what looked to be another temple. Gulleck listened at the door and heard something inside. Hah ha! We opened the door and there were three little fuckers the likes of which I have never seen before. Like the Knockers only even more repulsive if that's possible. Small, and pathetic with little red eyes and rusty swords and tattered clothes.

Gulleck, being the happy go lucky friendly sort he is, said hello to them. This did not go well. They spit something about filthy dwarves and attacked. Rutger and I were in the door. Rutger put his sword through the first ones head. Somehow I missed the one attacking me. What happened next is confusing. The little bastard hit me in the groin. I was doubled over in pain and when I regained my composure they were all dead. We searched their bodies and found some coins. Not a lot, but better then Knockers. So we explored some more. There were rooms behind blue curtains. One of them had a giant shrew in it. The same shrew that killed Mookie. I know I've sworn eternal vengeance on the giant shrew but this was not the time or place. We backed away. Then we came upon a group of cowering gnomes who apparently were hiding from the critters we had just killed in the other room. They said they were goblins. Goblins. We've heard rumors about goblins. Anyhow, Gulleck gave the gnomes some wine, because that's just the awesome kind of guy he is. The gnomes followed us around for a bit and then went there merry way without even hinting at offering us any kind of reward for saving their lives. All in a days work for the Infestation Mangers!

Eventually we found a wooden box with a vile of liquid in it. Then a room with a marble font with some liquid in it which we sopped up with our bandit armbands and saved. Then we found a secret room with robes and symbols and more viles with liquid in them. And a book of three prayers in the ancient language that Tyrriel said were prayers of healing. Jibber was very excited about this and laughed maniacally for what seemed an inappropriate amount of time. It actually became quite uncomfortable.

That was about it. We went back out the Rusty Lantern. They taxed us for value on unsold goods. We split what little loot we got and decided to keep the box to hold the viles in. We told Rutger it was customary for new retainers to buy the first round and so we all went off to the Hopping Banshee to celebrate what will no doubt come to be known as the Time We Ran Away from a Giant Shrew. Legendary are we.

From Caryatid's journal:
dear diary,

I was enjoying my vacation visiting my great-grand mother in the mountains. Such a pleasant change of scenery compared to all the adventuring in the tunnels below the city.
All was lovely until terrible storm blew in and buried Granny Weatherwax's cottage in the snow. We managed to convince the old grey mare to pull the cart out of the barn, but the mean troll that shares the mountain trail moved all of the snow by his cave to block Granny's gate. We cannot get out.
I wonder how the old gang is making out down below the city. I hope they can find an adequate substitute to stand guard at the back of the line holding the lantern and fiercely wielding a dagger...

Gulleck's sixth journal
Well, ol' pointy-ears is sick with centipede bite, so I tracked down another helper. Muscle boy should do just fine.

Centipedes were hiding in a basin fulla blood-looking stuff. Nasty. Dead now.

Rescued some gnomes from some unfriendly goblin sorts. Tried to be nice, but the ugly critters just wanted to fight. We obliged. At least goblins have more coin than those horrible horrible knockers.

Not much cash this time, but we found some magicy-looking liquid and a nice box to keep the flasks in. And a book of prayers. Suppose maybe Brother whosit will have some use for it. Guess we'll see.

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