Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Player Journals from Session 9

Gulleck's fourth journal
These old Idalian folks got up to some weird stuff. Foaming mouth babbling curses weird. And now my dang hair's all purple. Gonna have a hard time explaining that one.

The other fellas found some big rats before I met em, guess they figured maybe the vermin stashed something worth finding, so we hunted em out. Turns out they were right. Found a decanter with fancy jewels on it, pretty rich for rats!

The rest tunnel led to some temples. Weird stuff. One with statues looking all ominous-like, and paintings on the wall with people way too happy or scared for me to mess with. Another with an organ that did some crazy stuff when we tossed some water in. Folks talking crazy, going blind, hair turning colors, flowers outta nowhere. Made some sketches, could be worth something maybe. To some crazy person. Organ doesn't work so great on Knockers, turns out.

Oh yeah, killed some Knockers too.

Ran into some orcs. Ol' pointy-ears did some mumbo jumbo and got one of em all friendly. Guy still woke up the rest of em, and the leader tried to make is give im all our stuff. The wizardy guy put em all to sleep, so we took their stuff instead.

Don't suppose they're too happy bout that. Don't suppose I much care, neither.

Journal of Tod P. Quasit, Jr. Journal Entry for Saturday January 12, 208
It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you all that Jibber has gone blind with the brain fever and dragged me down with him. At first I thought it was the imported "fortified" grog from the Excellent Drain, but in fact it had something to do with a magical water organ and the terrible playing of one Brother Jibber. Luckily it was all temporary. I can't say that I will look back and laugh about it.

Before the blindness, we delved deep into the Undercity and chased down those giant pony sized rats we saw on our very first day of adventuring. How we have changed. Instead of soiling their armor, the party resolved to kill the rats and take the valuables that would have been collecting in their foul next. So we did. And how we killed them.

Later, after much rejoicing at the finding of wonderful loot, I went blind. And then we came upon a group of horrible people. Just awful awful people who were sleeping. I think they are called orcs? Much to my amusement, young Twiffle magically charmed the one who was on watch. This didn't work all that well and soon all the sleeping orcs were awake and didn't like what they saw. We gave them wine and that sort of smoothed things over for a bit, but not for long. So, as we often do when things go bad, Wilhelm put them to sleep. Just in the nick of time. We thought about turning them over to the proper authorities, but ended up just taking off their filthy awful armor and tying them up in a neat little bundle of awfulness. For our troubles we took a whole lot of gold from them. I'm sure they will remember us fondly as the ones that could have sliced their heads off in their sleep but only decided to take a small toll.

I forgot to mention, when I finally got my sight back, I noticed Gulleck's hair had turned the most lovely shade of purple. Unlike my blindness, it does not seem to be getting better. Oh we will have much to laugh about at the Rancid Pickle later on. First round is on Gulleck! Hah.

Journal of Tod P. Quasit, Jr. Journal Supplementary
After three mugs of grape wine at the Frisky Wench, Jibber reminded me that when he played the cursed organ, only Ylil and Twiffle started talking backwards. Then after we attacked the knockers, it was the Dwarf who played the organ again, smashing down the keys and making us blind. Jibber has a point. I lectured him on the dangers of confusing cause and effect with correlation, and he just stared at me and muttered something foreign under his breath. He does probably have a point. Heh. The dwarf keeps coming out of the toilet room complaining about "purple everywhere". Poor purple bastard.

Caryatid's Diary
Dear Diary,

It seems every dang time we come across any kind of potentially cool magical item, things go horribly wrong. Except for that dumb mirror who’s only useful feature that I can think of is one of distraction or diversion to the slightly less intelligent creatures we meet. So that cursed water organ we discovered in the temple had some of us talking backwards, that was only funny for little bit, then got quite annoying. Especially when that little troll Twiffle [ed: Gulleck] cursed me too. Some people!! And just when you think nothing is fair, HE gets to have his hair turn the most awesome shade of purple! Why couldn’t I get colored hair?!? Lavender, chartreuse, cerulean? Nothin. At least I didn’t go blind, or worse. I wonder what would happen if I cast a spell while talking backwards…

O I HOPE that dumb thing wasn’t the basis for the rumor of a healing fountain in a temple! I’ll be so pissed if there is no more temples.

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