Friday, January 9, 2015

Player Journals from Session 7

Only one player sent in a journal for this session (it was a busy holiday season and we skipped two weeks due to illness and travel).

Gulleck's second journal
Seems like these fellas have connections with the thieves guild. Means we get to random stolen stuff we find without getting tossed in the clink or in the river. Joined the right group sure enough.

Turns out the snooty upper crust types ain't all bad, too. Baroness Whatshergrace is alright by me, anyway.

Killed some Knockers. Foul little beasts.

Killed some bandits too. One caught his fool self on fire. Looked painful. Ol' pointy-ears put an arrow in another, and they gave up right quick. Fastest profit I ever made. Cept I guess we don't get to just sell the stuff they had, we gotta find the rightful owners. Maybe this plan wasn't so great after all. Getting tired of not having any coin.

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