Sunday, January 18, 2015

Player Journals from Session 8

Gulleck's third journal
I dunno how this city's still around. Right underfoot we got giant bugs and blood sucking bird things and walking skeletons and damned vile nasty Knockers. Think I need to line the floors with steel or something.

Ran into some great big scaly beasts, too. But they were sleeping, and the wizardy guy put em even more to sleep. Dunno how that works, exactly, but the things didn't wake up and eat us, so no complaints.

Not a whole lot of profit today, but we found a magic mirror that showed the back of my head. Sneaky boy got all thoughtful about it. Dunno, maybe we can do more with it than check for helm hair. At this rate GreatPappy's bones'll be stuck up here for another twenty years.

Oh, gotta remember this. No touching ugly little idols. Priest fella near killed himself doing that.

Caryatid's player sent in journals for the last couple of session:
Dear diary,

Ylil-Paul came back, looks exactly like Eddie Izzard. Tyriel seems to have some weird no hair growth side-effect either from being poisoned or from the healing pillow. We Exterminators seem to have added returning lost treasure to our skill set, got a huge reward from old Lady Baroness for returning a goblet & platter we found in the dungeons; enough to buy better armor for both Ylil-Paul & Wilson.

Get this: there's a Cleric group of Adventurers representing St. Dwindom's Church. Seriously?!? Clerics?!? Hope they don't set themselves on fire…

Going back down to the dungeons next time looking for the passage to the lower levels. We hear it's by the Bathhouse I've wanted to go see, maybe I'll get my spa day after all. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be one of those old ruins that's been overrun my hideous monsters…

Dear Diary,

Adventured in the tunnels below the city again. Finally made it to the Bathhouse but no spa day: Giant Bees! Also I finally found a magical item, turns out to be a goofy you-can only-see-the-back-of-your-head kind of magic mirror. Also can be an endless source of entertainment for Vito. And then, to make the adventuring trifecta: I got poisoned. Yep lesson learned: let the thief open the box with thieves' tools. I've got enough gold now to write another scroll or go shopping. Definitely should stock up on flasks of oil, clearly a better weapon than hiding in the middle of the melee waiting for a monster to fall onto my dagger…

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