Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Player Journals from Session 3

Busy week, and only two players sent in journals for the 10% XP bonus.

A third letter home (Quazzle's journal)
Dear Father,

Success again!

That's right, father, we've rooted out the bandits. Their leader fell to our magic and our blades, and most of the rest of the bandits surrendered to us. We hardly even needed to shed any blood.

Sadly, one of my friends was killed in the process. Poor Vinnie. His cousin was very distraught. I can already hear your words of doom and gloom, father. Feel free to keep it to yourself.

We've gained an entire undercity mansion, and whatever valuables and artifacts the bandits stashed away. That's more than I'd have achieved in a lifetime had I stayed home as you wanted.

There are wonders down here you can't even imagine! We even discovered some ancient enchanted statues that hold the voices of anyone who speaks to them. Not useful, perhaps, but fascinating, certainly!


Vito's Journal
An excerpt from the text: Et per rerum cursum sacra, sacramenta
Thus the customary ritual oהזמן השקט, directly translated: "The Silent Time", began. Each Serechta day (When Elicida is in apex with Coeare -Solaria 4.3) the Acretia are forbidden from speech, and indeed avoid any sound. Urns of wool lined clay are lined about the temple, each being made by an individual worshiper in attendance (some with the living, many with the dead). No words may be spoken during the observance, nor may words be spoken of after about events that occurred during the holy time. Communication may only occur during by notes upon silicia leaves which are dropped in utter silence into the padded bowls. It is noted that most likely the freeist forms of communication occured during this time between Acretia, and was a vital part of their sense of community and family. Given that the leaves of the silicia bush are perfect for writing on, but very small, the messages were very short. The final benefit of silicia leaves is of course that though the brusing is distinct at first it quickly causes the leaves to brown and rot. No message lasts longer than a few hours.

Aunt D- 
Could I get some of your amazing bread for some friends? No meat please. Thanks. 
- Vito

I chewed out your husband just to keep him straight. Just bluffing, you know me. I know how he deals with this stuff, and I don't want his kids to never have had a father like he did. 
- Vito

Listen here you little festering pile of horse placenta. If you show up to Vinnie's services with so much of a WHIFF of schocla on you, I swear even though I've never killed a man I will drag you out to Bengla's Point myself. I will happily watch you swing by the ankles as snippers eat your eyes you shit. Don't you DARE let me catch you as ANYTHING but sober. 
- Vito

Aunt M- Say, I haven't and Gred in forever. Why don't you come over to our house for dinner tomorrow? Agatha would love to have some other kids to play with, and I thought we could make some float over pots for Vinnie's wife. And bring your youngest over, she's a doll. Can't believe how old she is now, almost ready to leave the house. I've got a new fella I'd like you to meet. Might be a lost cousin. He's been through a lot, and could use some real family like I got. 
- Vito

Vinnie - 
You rat bastard piece of crap! What the hell am I supposed to do now!? You deserve the extra hundred years in the gulaka for dying with a blade in hand you ass. Don't worry, I'll take care of Estia and Meredith for you. You'da done no less for me. Last haul will help, and don't worry they'll still get your share from me. 

Marco - 
We'll still be continuing the venture. Can you shift the paperwork into my name directly? 

Mother Sophitia- I'm terrified. I don't know what the hell I'm doing without Vinnie. He was an idiot, but he always had the plan. Now I'm the one bringing in new family and taking care of people? Me?! I'm no provider Mother; I'm no veteran like Vinnie,he knew what was going on. Vinnie could vote, he was a full citizen for the High God's sake! I didn't serve no time. Why me? 

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