Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Commence Subterranean Exploration


This is a blog about old school Dungeons & Dragons. Primarily, this blog exists to provide a place for campaign journals and other setting information for my newly begun D&D campaign (our first game session was yesterday). In addition to the regular players, I have a couple people on my contact list who hope to be able to drop in on an occasional basis, and this blog is meant to be a good way for them to keep tabs on what's been happening in the campaign. Secondarily, it will be a place for me to ramble on about classic D&D, campaign and dungeon design, referee techniques, etc. In preparing to run this campaign, I was inspired by many other bloggers and forum posters (some are linked in the blogroll to the right), and it seems only fair that I should try to return the favor by sharing my experiences or hopefully entertaining the reader with our session reports.

We are using the 1981 Basic/Expert D&D rules, edited by Tom Moldvay, David Cook, and Steve Marsh. The campaign setting is a very traditional megadungeon, explicitly designed to support episodic play and be flexible to a changing roster of players with busy adult schedules. We roll our abilities with 3d6 in order, roll for hit points at first level, and die at 0 hit points. The dice fall where they will, and there will be no fudging of results. I don't even use a DM's screen.

I'll have a few posts up as soon as time allows with basic campaign setting information, as well as our first session report. Sneak preview: Five PCs and five retainers explored the abandoned ruins below their city and came back with naught but a sackful of giant centipede carcasses. But on the bright side, none of the party died!

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