Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Player Journals from Session 2

And here are the player journals from session 2:

Journal of Tod P. Quasit Jr. Entry 2
It is with a heavy heart that I must report that my dear friend and
spiritual inspiration, Brother Mookie Wilson Blaylock was brutally and
needlessly killed while standing in a doorway. A doorway that I opened
to these miserable lightening fast throat jumping critters no bigger
than a small dog. Mookie's head popped off like a dandelion before I
could reach him to help. And he was wearing plate mail. Eventually we
slew the beasts. There must have been thirty of them. And we brought
dear Mookie's headless corpse back to the church. Luckily there was
another brother eager to replace Mookie. Jibbers is his name. I have
my doubts . He seems a bit dim witted. We will see.

So then we ran into a gang of rouge thieves. They offered us a chance
to walk away, but the magic users decided they were keen to put the
lot of them to sleep and sleep they did. We tied them up and guarded
them while What's her head and Whosit took one of them to the Thieves
Guild to sell them into slavery. Or something. I guarded the thieves,
and eventually we marched them all to the thieves guild. Oh, and lucky
us, they were carrying some very nice things, which we happily stole
from them. We're now all filthy rich. Rich as thieves.

RIP Brother Mookie.

Caryatid's Diary
Dear Diary,
Sad day today as we mourn the loss of Brother Mookie. Death by shrew. Should we plant a commemorative tree or shrubbery?
We ended up defeating those rodents; I still think I could have made one into a purse. Note to self: when I retire, I'm going to make fashion accessories from dead animals.
Thinking we should call ourselves The Extreme Exterminators (but I'm sure there's a better name, gonna come up with some more ideas to toss around), although we also branched out into some mercenary-type stuff tonight: capturing a rouge group of bandits, holding them captive and then selling them to the Thieves' Guild. Feeling uncertain of my alignment tonight…things might seem more normal in the morning.
Also, slightly worried about Ylil - he's started calling himself Paul…I might have to start counting his meds…

A second letter home (Quazzle's journal)
Dear Father,
As I predicted, we've had great success!
We descended under the city again today, and found a group of bandits lurking in the ruins! It was tense for a few minutes, but we agreed to leave. They were quite rough looking and a direct confrontation would have been unnecessarily bloody.
So we walked out of the room. And then, father, I snuck back in and put them all to sleep with my magic! With one spell, I helped reduce the crime in this area, and made a nice profit as well. The bandits had some quite valuable jewelry which we took.
We've now turned all the bandits except one in to the proper authorities. Why not that one, you ask? Simple, father. My friend Twiffle has used his magic to convince that last bandit that he's our friend, and he will be leading us to the rest of the crew. We'll soon have the whole group mopped up!
Who's throwing their life away now, father?
Your son,

Tyrriel's Journal


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