Thursday, November 12, 2015

Player Journals from Session 36

Journal of Tod P. Quasit August 17, 208
Dear Diary,

It is with a heavy heart that I must report that our dear dear friend, solider in arms, fellow adventurer and all around really good guy, Gulleck, is dead. I can not help but feel slightly at fault for his untimely demise. My plan to instigate a fight between a group of orcs and their pet troll Lorg backfired.  But I'll start at the beginning.

It was a small group that delved below the city that fateful day.  Just four of us.  I brought Jibber.  Gulleck brought a fellow I'd never met before who they called Meat. 

The delve started as they usually do, with the party making their way down to the second level.  Even before we got to the stairs we ran into weirdness.  A group of people dressed in animal masks speaking a language none of us knew.  After much gesticulating, we managed to get on by them without a fight.  It was looking dodgy for a while.

Then we ran into some goblins. They were easily dispatched.  In the orgy room, the four lizards were still hanging out, picking over the bones of that dead elf.  Gulleck suggested I try to get the lizards to fetch us the bag that the elf had by his side with the ring that lets you control the minds of beasts., I put on the ring and got the beast to do just that.  Unfortunately, when I released it from my mental control, it got really pissed at us and all four of them attacked us. They kicked our ass and we ran away.  The better part of valor. 

We tried to sneak past the lizards by drinking invisibility potion and leading the lizards out of the room with goblin bodies.  This plan seemed to work surprisingly well.  Unfortunately, those orcs standing guard by the gong figured out what was going on.  Maybe because of my glowing sword or maybe when the potion ran out. Anyhow, they gonged the gong and the fight was on. We killed about four of them and the others ran away.  Then Lorg the troll came up the stairs and we ran away. The better part of valor.  He was nine feet tall. For some reason he didn't chase us. 

We decided to go to the Goblin Market using the stupid rope bridge instead of fighting Lorg. Past the bridge we ran into another group of orcs, messing with those giant bugs that were eating the black gloop in that cavern.  That's when I told them that Lorg has told me to tell them that they were idiots. For some reason they didn't storm off to kill Lorg.  They attacked us instead. There may have been a bit more to it.  But at any rate, Gulleck was not up to the challenge and neither was his buddy Meat.  They both fell in battle. Jibber and I managed to kill all but one of them.  The last one ran away.  

The plan was to carry our two fallen comrades to the room with the resurrection pool.  Along the way we ran into a couple of really flamboyant hobgoblins named Clabberpus and Margleton. Or something.  I bargained with them and now I owe Clabberpus a favor, but they distracted the orcs standing guard by the gong... oh yeh, where the gong used to be!  We chucked it into the ravine under the rope bridge.  Heh.  That was poor Gulleck's idea.  Poor Gulleck. 

Anyhow, with the hobgoblin's help we got the bodies to the resurrection room.  Meat came back to life but Gulleck did not, as we feared.  Jibber mentioned that perhaps we could get the CHURCH to perform a very expensive resurrection. Luckily, the dead orcs who had killed Gulleck had a lot of treasure which should pay for the miracle. 

With Gulleck's body in tow, we decided to call it a day and returned to the Rusty Lantern.  I have to get to the Church right away. Jibber says the resurrection gets more expensive and tricky when rot sets in.  Perhaps there is time for one tankard of grog at The Missing Shoe.  Gulleck was never the most pleasant smelling of fellows but I think he's still fresh.  

By the way, I've never felt better.

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