Saturday, November 7, 2015

Player Journals from Session 35

Journal of Tod P. Quasit August 10, 208
Dear Diary,

It finally happened. Jibber got the recognition he deserved from his fellow churchy types and they bequeathed onto him a new sash with a beautiful golden symbol of power and piety. Apparently he can now cause miracles to happen. I am so proud of the Jibber.

After the ceremony and much celebration, we met up at the Rusty Lantern and got back to some undercity delving. We got to the orgy room and found four giant lizards eating what's his head, that other jerk elf that we didn't kill. Alas. I guess we didn't give him the fighting change we thought we had. Or something. I'll drink a toast to his memory I guess.

So we decided to keep looking for that Elixer of Life Flame for Lord Dinsdale. We made out way to the Goblin Market but it was closed. We got attacked by terrible smelling things. Three of us died but we were able to revive them in the pink goo. Man that stuff is handy. We were attacked by giant monkeys. Got some nice treasure. Killed some orcs. Decided we'd had enough fun for one night and went home. We'll find that damned flame of youth next time I guess.

Jibber and I are resuming our celebration at the Mutton Chop. I want to see him turn water into ale.

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