Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Player Journals from Session 28

Journal of Tod P. Quasit - May 4, 208
I finally got up enough energy to go back down into the UnderCity with the gang. It has been a while. I don't remember that much of the last few weeks. Drowning my sorrows in the Twisted Ankle.

So I hooked back up with Gunkle the Happy Dwarf and suddenly two of those Caryiatid dudes. Apparently the pool of resurrection duplicated her or something. Sure. Why not right? Why wouldn't that happen is the better question if you're even bothering to ask. I found Jibber proselytizing over in the Steppes area of town, handing out pamphlets and threatening to revoke people's tickets to heaven if they didn't repent. He had quite the gathering when I found him but later I found out it was because he had promised free sausages and beers to the first 100 people that declared their love to The Light. Which explained why the crowd looked angry and hungry and thirsty. But mostly angry.
He was happy to see me. Apparently the priests in the church had let him conduct mass last week and it hadn't gone well.

I hadn't seen Gunkle in a while. Boy did he look like crap. All scabby and pale and balding and somehow his teeth had shrunk a little and turned a nasty brown color and he had this weird sheen to his skin. Apparently he had grown quite attached to that accursed Heart and it was sucking the very health from him. Our mission - destroy the heart at all costs.

So we go down into the UnderCity and who do we stumble into before we even get to the stairs down to the second level? The stinking filthy Night Soils. And they freaking start a fight with us. Still pissed about that poisoned wine I guess. Their stupid fighter tried to steal Gunkle's axe and it was on. Before I could even get a strike in, they were all asleep. Bam. We decided not to kill them but we re leaved them of all their stuff and tied them up, wrote "Bad Elf" on some foreheads and then we went back to the Rusty Lantern to drop off their weapons and store all the stuff we had taken.

One of the items we confiscated was a short wooden pole that apparently the elves and magic users thought was sucking the magic from their souls. Someone had the bright idea to poke the heart with it, so I did. Kablamo! Pole and heart cracked and the heart sure looked dead. Not only that but Gurkle felt much better. He got that little gleam back in his eyes. And Tyriel said she felt better too. She had taken charge of the heart to give Gurkle a break.

So we went back down, and trying to avoid the what would probably be very pissed off and ill-humored Night Soilers, we went a different way and ran into nine skeletons. They got in one good shot at me. A flesh wound, but it hurt. But we killed them all. Gulleck was on FIRE! Hitting everything he looked at. It was awesome. Then we decided we were running out of time and went to explore the Music Temple which we hadn't finished. Jibber and I got a lung full of mildew and couldn't breath. Then we fought some spiders. All we found was some wads of wax and a nice silk blouse. That's adventuring for you.

Oh, and we sold the head back to Lord Fauntleroy. That was nice deal. And got a cool book.

I have to go. Meeting Jibber at The Round Bottom for drinks.

Tod -

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