Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Player Journals from Session 27

Gulleck's eleventh journal
This is a profoundly weird place.

Creepy fella is dead, and we have the skull back. Still got that heart, too. Can't get it out of my head. Making it hard to sleep at night. Really got to figure out how to destroy it now that it ain't so useful anymore.

Anyway, now that Creepy fella is dead, we're back to poking through some of the less unpleasant bits of the Undercity. Less unpleasant, but way more weird.

It all started out simple enough. Went on down to the lower level, through the orgy room as usual. Now that I write that down, I suppose I take some of the weird for granted these days.

We decided to look for the goblin market. Figured it might be worth exploring a little. Instead, we ran into a couple of orcs. Damn annoying beasts tried to take all our money to go through the door they were guarding. Didn't feel like starting a war with the whole damn orc population, so we went a different way. Orcs said it was full of treasure. That meant bad news, but we wanted to take a look anyhow.

Might not have been our best decision, thinking about it now. After a moment or two, a whole mess of orcs came pouring out of one of the doors. Killed my retainer, mustached guy, and then got scared off by that real helpful fear wand. Might have gone even worse otherwise. We killed one of em off, then headed for the healing goo, waving to the guard orcs on our way past.

Healing goo. Yep, my idea of weird has sure gotten adjusted since I been down here.

So we were heading to the goo, war drums pounding in the background like they'd been since we ran the orcs off, and all sudden like there's a horn sound, and a bunch of big hairy long armed beasts the like of which I've never seen came galumphing out of the dark, carrying someone in a covered chair, yelling something about the Queen of Nightmares.

We shuffled up against the wall to let em through, but I guess Her Nightmareness wanted a look, cause she had em stop so she could get a look at us. Guess we weren't what she was looking for cause she said we were too weak to take as slaves and moved on. Real weird, but we sure weren't done yet.

Dunked the body in the goo like normal, and out he popped, good as new. Then Magic Lady hopped in. Figured it'd make her healthier like it did me. Worked, too... But then things things got... Well, you know.

We headed back to the guard orcs, but before we got there, along comes another Magic Lady, all dripping like she just got out of the goo and such.

Got a bit of info from the orcs. They were a bit confused by then, and I can't say as I blame em. Then we headed back up for a good stiff drink or five.

Not sure what Magic Lady's gonna do now that there's two of her, but one thing's for sure. This is a profoundly weird place. Actually, two things are for sure. This is a profoundly weird place, and I'm having another drink.

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