Friday, March 20, 2015

Player Journals from Session 16

Gulleck's eighth journal
Been a while since I wrote anything down. Ain't been in the mood since we found a bunch of Little Cousins dead. Damned big rodent slaughtered the little fellas. Pluck Thimple made it out at least, and we got the bodies back. Poor little guys.

Anyway. Got down below the buried city, and it's all even crazier. There's a little den of hedonism down there. Looks like somebody's been using it, too. Ain't seen em yet, though. Met some hobgoblins. Sleazy fellas, but friendly enough I suppose. Not sure I wanna meet their king.

There's a room that's all magical dark, and a magic spinning wheel thingy that gives good and bad stuff. Have to be crazy to take that kinda risk. Or a human kid, I suppose. Met some of those, too. Crazy urchins probably gonna get eaten by an orc. Cause they're down there too.

Distracted one while the other folks went off with another. Guess the fountain water down here makes ya real friendly. Maybe too friendly. They tell me ol pointy ears got killed and brought back to life. Pretty sure they're messing with me, though.

Journal of Tod P. Quasit, Jr.
It is with a heavy heart that I must report the untimely death of our good friend Twiffle.  But wait. Wait. He's not dead. A magic fountain brought him back to life. You should have seen the look on Jibber's face. "What manner of devilry is this? This can't be the real. Twiffle returned to life? No. It is a demon spawn, let loose upon the innocent world to bring about the end of days!" Or so Jibber says. He was going on and on about it after several flagons of distilled wine at The Thumping Pipes on Wednesday. Even his new fancy magic snake staff did nothing to appease his existential crisis.  "Did you see the look in his eyes?  Did you? It's not him! It's not him!" and then he slumped his head down on the table and began to snore.  

There is no question in my mind that I was witness to a miracle or some very dark magic indeed. I must admit the thought of carrying on with Twiffle as if nothing has happened concerns me.

But what else happened last Monday? Not much. We killed some rats and found the snake staff. That was good. I got more drugs. That was good.  We met some hobgoblins. They invited us to visit their king. Maybe.

We found a bag of coins "hidden" behind a statue, but then did the right thing and gave it back to the idiots who had just hidden it. There was much grumbling about doing the right thing by several members of The Proper Authorities. Not me. I will sleep better at night. 

We met a group of urchins living down in the Under Under City. They seemed to be surviving somehow so we let them be. 

We translated the words above the Fountain of Love.  It said, "Come Believer, submerge yourself in the sacred water of life and be born again." We met some orcs. There were two of them guarding something at the end of a hallway. You know what I've come to learn about orcs? They are awful awful people. We used some of the Love Fountain syrup (telling them it was wine) to turn them into strangely friendly creepy awful awful people.  One of the really really really to a liking to Gulleck, so we let him hang out because he wouldn't leave his post. Someone hatched a plan to get the other one into the fountain to see what would happen. This did not go well. In fact, the orc killed Twiffle before we killed it. That's when we figured we had nothing to lose and dunked the dead Twiffle into the fountain. And he was resurrected. Into what we know not.

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