Friday, March 13, 2015

Player Journals from Session 15

Journal of Tod P. Quasit - March 2nd
I think I was still a little off my game this week but that was okay.  I needed to breath in the stank fetid air of the Undercity.  We went straight to the Temple of Lust, which Gulleck and Caryatid had discovered last week while I was dying. Suddenly, Tyrriel feel ill and we took her back to the Lantern. She looked like she had eaten the three meat taco at the Wicked Drum.

We returned to the temple.  There was a statue rotating in the middle of a large room. I was fascinated by it and wanted to jump up onto the pedestal for a ride but had second thought.  Gulleck explained the had discovered stairs leading down past this room, but they were guarded by a statute that apparently only let you by if you were wearing the robes apparently warn my members of this sect.  We didn't have enough for everyone, so some of us went past and then returned to give the others robes. Worked like a charm and we made our way down to the Under Undercity. We ran into that weird group of cleric we had encountered before. The suspiciously friendly Randy and Michael from the St. Dwindum sect. Or something. This religious stuff confuses and bewilders me.

We went down below the lust temple and discovered another temple, which looks like it had been usurped by some cult of horrible things. We also discovered a pool of liquid in a warm and humid room.  Then we ran away from some lizards and when we checked to see if the coast was clear, the lizards were being eaten by them blood sucking bird things. There were a lot of them.  We were cornered.  There was a room which no light would penetrate.  No one felt brave enough to try venturing into that. So we tried to back away from the birds but they saw us and thus began the epic batter of the blood sucking birds.  It was a rough go.  Many of us were injured.  After one latched onto my arm, I dropped my sword but found to my delight that their heads would crush like ... well bird heads, with a satisfying crunching noise and a little squawk of pain.  I lost a lot of blood and we barely escaped with our lives.  After that we high tailed it back to the Rusty Lantern.  We found no treasure but we did gain valuable life lessons.  I guess. I think a large meat pie and a frosty mug of black ale will help me rebuild my blood.  Off to The Thumping Pipes.  I think Velvet said she might be there later tonight.

Caryatid's journal:
Mar. 2 
Dear diary,
So this time Wilson was a no-show and he has the torches! Ugh. Tyriel & Wilhelm must have eaten that three-fish taco that Br. jibber has nearly died of before, they had to head back as soon as we got started. We battled some shrews, ran into that Gand from St. Dwindlemeyer's. No treasure. Lessons learned: First level Jibbers have no spells, and giant centipedes have no interest in stale rations. Looking forward to real adventure next time!

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