Saturday, December 20, 2014

Player Journals from Session 6

Journal of Tod P. Quasit, Jr.
It is with a heavy heart that I must report the death of dear Quazzle. So frail. So delicate. Alas. So dead. He was too good for this world. And too weak to be delving in the undercity. He had managed with for quite a while by staying behind people and things, and he was more than handy at putting our enemies to sleep. I will miss him and drink a toast later at the Two Frogs. This entry is a direct transpose of my notes that I took. My memory is shaky. These will have to do.

Room with sliver ore glowing green and blue.

We mine a bit. SILVER ORE IS BURNING Tyrriel!

KNOCKERS! Death to them.


All asleep... we crush their skulls and slit their throats.

Church of the All Pervasive Light.

We find a dwarf. Just as one member leaves, another arrives. Sitting in a pit with two dead friends and green ooze. Just in the nick of time.

Piles of Gold and Copper. Copper and Gold. We go back to the gnomes. Tainted ore. Tyrriel is doomed. The copper is gold. The gold is copper. The gold is the gnomes. We get a cup and a vile of dream potion. No wait. Vaporous potion. turns you into a cloud.

Tyrriel survives. We all go drinking. Our new friend is named Gullick Stonefoot and he smells a great deal. We ask him to join us because why not? What could go wrong? Trust in complete strangers is what Jibber is always preaching right? Actually, I don't think that is right. I'll have to ask him over a couple shots of grog at the Blind Turkey.

TPQ jr.

Journal entry from Caryatid
Dear diary,

It turns out that our band of adventurers are in possession of some magical items, yay! I LOVE magical items. The pillow seems to have some kind of healing powers, mild or slow-acting, but still effective. The grapes, however, don't seem to do anything except that they remain fresh indefinitely.

Again, I am saddened by the untimely death of one of our team; this time it was poor Quazzle. We nearly retrieved a considerable amount of gold pieces which turned out to be only copper pieces in disguise. Mean, ugly smurfs can be SO utterly disappointing.

I thought I saw Ylil/Paul at the market in town the other day. He didn't see me and I lost him in the crowd. It might not have been him, he looked an awful lot like Eddie Izzard; high heeled boots, painted fingernails, and glitter lipstick…

Anyway, we have a new member in our group: we rescued Gulleck Stone-something from a pit with that Green Slime stuff. I'm curious to see how he will fit in with our group.

We're meeting up at the Rusty Lantern again. We've explored a considerable amount of the tunnels and passages under the city but have heard rumors of at least one deeper level. Oh I HOPE we find more magical items. I still have only the one spell, and continue working on a another Shield scroll which may be useful if we encounter worse demons in the lower levels under the city…

Gulleck's first journal
Well, Whatshisname and Thingy are dead. Complete tragedy. What a waste. Their stuff all got melted by that green gunk. Not a single bit of salvageable gold.
Got rescued by some folks. Seem nice enough. Little too trusting, didn't really think twice about letting me join em. Guess they lost a fella to the Knockers. Terrible thing. Sounds like I don't get any of that gold neither.

Helped the new fellas haul a bunch of gold and copper. Cept the gold was really copper and the copper was gold, and they gave the good stuff to some gnomes. Every penny counts I guess, when you don't have any, but I didn't head down under the city to pick up coppers.

I might just hire this elf fella whose boss bit it. If I can scrounge up enough to pay him, anyway.

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