Thursday, December 11, 2014

Player Journals from Session 5

There were two player journals from game 5:

Journal Entry for Tod P. Quasit Jr.

I have no heavy heart this week. No one in our party died on our delve into the Undercity.

We decided to find our good friends the Gnomes. A gnome named Pluck Fimple had repeatedly invited us to visit them in the mines on more then one random encounter. We had a vague idea of which direction to go but got hopelessly lost. We found a theater, but my idea to put on a little play celebrating the birth of the little Prince Napoodlia, was voted again. Besides, the stage was in terrible condition. We eventually got through to the underneath of it and found a bottle of rare pills used to cure insomnia. Or so it said on the label. Note to self, get up the courage to eat one of those magic grapes.

So, eventually we ran into another group who delve out of the Rusty Lantern. They were immediately hostile and threatening so we did the prudent thing and ran away. We did spike the door and poor oil on the floor to spite them.

Note to self, don't TOUCH ANYTHING, specially graven images or false idols. We found a workshop full of half finished statues of tentacle head creatures and touching them made me sea sick and filled me with dread. I heard a voice saying Tod... Tod.. don't eat the salmon mousse. I don't know what that means.

Suddenly we were set upon by a group of... wait, did I mention the spooky knocking we were hearing? Anyhow, we were set upon by a group of shriveled hell gnomes and Vito did not like them at all. One of them threatened us for our money and THWACK, bolt through the skull. Down it went and then we fought the little bastards. They weren't that tough but they were unsettling.

Then we found a gallery and behind a curtain was something that paralyzed most of the party. Note to self, don't look AT ANYTHING.

Luckily we all survived only to walk into a room with THREE GIANT BEES. GIANT BEES. In the undercity. Where do they find the pretty flowers for their honey? So we ran away but one stung me, ripped out it's guts and luckily the poison didn't get into my system. Nice.

Finally we met the gnomes, including their leader Tom Pipkin and his lieutenant, Grimble Grumble. That Grumble looked quite good. He kept muttering about needing fresh air.

We found out the shirveled hell gnomes were terrorizing them, crafting fake gold and being a general nusance. We were tasked with destorying every last one of them for an ampe reward. Apparently they had stolen all the gnome's start up cash. So, we have that going for us. Which is nice. Despite spending seven hours in the Undercity, I didn't really feel like I gained much experience. Strange that isn't it? Surviving that other party, and the bees, and the art work. Oh well. I need a drink and a roasted chicken. Maybe I'll grab Jibber and pop down to the Sloppering Dog.

A fifth letter home (Quazzle's journal)
Dear Matron Della,

I hope this letter finds you well, and that Roger has not been causing you too much trouble. I know how difficult I was at his age. Thank you again for your patience and my apologies one more for the episode with the snake. I know you've asked me to stop apologizing, but I don't think I'll ever be able to make up for that.

If I don't get the chance to write to Abigail, please express my regrets that I can't be there for her wedding. From what little I know of the young man, he seems a decent sort, and my lack of attendance is no reflection on my approval. Not that Abigail has ever needed my approval or anyone else's. One of the things I love about my dear sister. I imagine she'll understand my absence. She knows very well how Father and I are getting along these days.

Oh! Something you'll find amusing! We've been exploring the undercity, and discovered a mining operation run by gnomes! I recall fondly the bedtime stories you used to tell of "the small fellows." It turns out that they're not quite as small as the stories describe, perhaps three foot rather than small enough to fit in a pocket, but they certainly are just as friendly. They also quite enjoy wine, a detail that was never mentioned! Perhaps you can amend the stories as you tell them to Roger. Although perhaps he's getting a bit old for that now. How time does get away from us...

At any rate. We're helping the gnomes by clearing some very unfriendly earth spirits out of the mines for them. Twisted things, like gnomes gone wrong. They have the power to warp precious metals and disguise worthless ones. Very annoying! We've eliminated several of them already. Not terribly dangerous to the well-equipped, thankfully!

As I'm thinking of it: Do you happen to know anything of the religion of ancient Idalia? We found a workshop down below with disturbing idols, partially crafted. They seem to have some sort of power to them, which worries me greatly. The idols are of some kind of fish-beast, with tentacles and a lamprey-like mouth. Anything you recall could be helpful.

Thank you for everything you've done for us as we've grown up, Matron. We owe you more than we could ever repay.

Yours always,

PS: If you can give Mother my love without falling afoul of Father's temper, please do.

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