Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Player Journals from Session 59

From the Diary of Caryatid
I am afraid that my death has had an ill-affect on Marcel. I must seek a monkey therapist to help him cope with his breakdown. Although, since my resurrection, I feel that he does not fully comprehend what has happened. I’m also beginning to research spells and potions to grow him wings; he clearly needs more liberation beyond his own Fez and toga. I think I'd also like to learn a spell which will mute that dwarf who instigated that berserk Hippie into a fit of unstoppable rage. Any attempt I made to diffuse that situation only led to my demise.
Brother Chase is required to report to the Lost Church of the Missing Light to complete some paperwork and standardized testing. He has shared with me that he will also be getting his highlights touched-up and take care of some basic manscaping. I approve.

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