Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Player Journals from Session 48

Tod's Journal
Jibber and I woke up alone in the dark. Terrible things were afoot. Why did they let us sleep in? What were these idiots thinking?

We followed the trail of carnage and despair to the outside the Abbot's rooms. When we arrived I heard screams and squeaks of pure horror and pain coming from the other side of the door. And there was something different about Gulleck. Can't quite put my finger on it. He just seemed different somehow. 

Apparently, while Jibber and I slept there was much fighting with the Rat Men. Our tiny little guide had been captured and held hostage and was rescued. A Rat Man had been captured and then thrown into the room beyond the door where there happened to be a ten foot long rattle snake just hanging out. Shortly after we arrived the screaming and squeaking stopped. And then there was silence.

The plan was for me to open the door, confront the snake, while the rest of the party threw things at it. Jibber stood by my side and I opened the door.  The giant serpent, fangs dripping with venom, a hideous bulge in it's body, reared up to strike me. And then it fell asleep.  I cut off it's head. Poor snake. 

There was a door across the room and we could hear chanting and praying and growling. All good things.  So I opened the door and Jibber and I were instantly attacked by a humongous bear. One claw smacked me on the side of the head, and the other dug a vicious rake across Jibber's forehead.  Jibber let out a scream. Suddenly, the bear stood up and got a blank look on its face.  I knew that look anywhere.  Gulleck was using his animal control ring.  The bear turned, and attacked the stinking Abbot rat bastard who was screaming at us and praying to this ridiculous statue of a rat man in the center of the room. With a tremendous hug, the bear squished the Abbot into a broken lifeless pulp.  Then it fell asleep and I killed it.  Poor bear.

We found chests of gold and silver, jewels and scrolls.  Tremendous fortune. We dragged it back to our sleeping quarters and then had a good nights sleep even though it was morning.  

We then adventured into a final room we had not explored.  Or maybe it was the other way around?  I forget.  Anyhow, at the end of a wide hall was an alter with a statue of someone decidedly not a rat. In one hand he held a tin lantern which glowed with a holy light and gave off a almost imperceptible choral tone. At long last our quest was at an end. The Holy Lantern of Gurtle's Folly was found. 

There remained the unpleasant business of clearing out the rest of the rat man infestation.  After all, it is what we do.  We figured they were held up in their barracks.  Caryatid, being invisible and possibly hopped up on Orc Crank, went in there looking for trouble while the rest of us waited outside.

That bear claw is going to leave a mark on Jibber.  Maybe he should try to cure himself?

I need to find a tavern soon.  I hate this place.

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