Friday, May 27, 2016

Player Journals from Session 45

Journal of Tod Quasit Jr.
It is with a heavy heart that that I take up my pen to write these the last words in which I shall ever record the singular gifts by which my friend Axle The Thief was distinguished.
You ever have that thing where suddenly you wake up, but you weren't asleep, and it's weeks later and you have no real independent recollection of anything that has happened and you have no idea how you got where you are? I hate when that happens. 
So, I "woke up" at a monastery where we believe a lost artifact called the Lantern Of Grisold Wolding is hidden.  Gulleck must find this lantern and summon the evil Djinn that lives inside and with the three wishes he is granted he must restore ... I forget the rest.  Anyhow, there's something not right about these "monks".  They tell us there is a curse that must be lifted.  A coldness that comes at night and gobbles the monks up and leaves nothing but the echoes of their frozen screams hanging in the night air. We have found a source of great cold near an abandoned fire pit in an abandoned blacksmith's shop.  We plan on exploring further.
To make a long story shortish, we chased the monstrous blue six legged worm lizard from it's lair.  We blocked the obvious exit it had been using with spikes and oil fire. Gulleck and I followed the monster as it came out of a new hole behind the blacksmith shop. Gulleck whacked it good and it climbed up to the roof, apparently just as poor Axle also went up there. As a thief will do.  But alas, as a good thief will not do, he will not jump right into the giant gaping gob of the monster and get bitten in half. In the end, it was Jibber's heroics with his sling that did the mighty beast in. We searched its belly for treasure and found many things of interest and value. We took what was left of Axle and gave it to the Abbot to perhaps resurrect.  What a mess.
The Abbot has invited us to a banquet, which is very nice of them since they seem low on food.  After that he has assured us he will help find the Lantern. I can't wait to try their beers.

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