Thursday, March 24, 2016

Player Journals from Session 42

Dear Granny,

You have taught me well and have given me valuable advice. I am continuing to improve my skills and have learned more spells.

I need to warn you about something that has happened to me since I visited you last year. I had a mishap with some magic in the dungeons below the city. I am sad to report that my corporeal presence was duplicated. At first it didn’t appear to be very bad at all, and I was very excited to have a twin sister. However, Granny, she seemed to truly believe that she was the original and began spending less time with me and my companions.

One day, while adventuring, we discovered a wizard’s abandoned laboratory and living quarters in the ancient ruins under the city. There were some books and bits of alchemy forgotten, left behind. My twin had all but disappeared with some of that magician’s objects including his tomes. We heard more rumors about her the less we saw her. The last time we ventured into that part of the undercity, she had moved into that sorcerer’s apartments and had clearly been playing in the darkcraft you often warn me against.

I doubt you will ever cross paths with her since she seems to be content living under the city. She will know that you would never help her with darkcraft, so she won’t be seeking you out. People cannot comprehend the duplication let alone distinguish between us, and I fear rumors of her escapades may reach all the way to Lancre. Be certain, it is NOT me!

As an unfortunate, yet disturbingly recurring, result of adventuring in the undercity includes dying. The dwarf among us got himself killed again, this time by an Orc. The cleric in our group convinced his Elder Witch to perform Religion-y Magic to revive the poor little guy. In return for her magic, he was compelled to take on a quest, which means we ALL have to go with him to retrieve some stupid lantern talisman from some stupid and possibly made-up monastery whose location is only known by the country dwarves. So we sailed East to Dwarf Town, and spent a few days in Dwarf Mountain. I swear, Granny, the stuff I get involved with for these people, you would never have it.

Anyway, when this is all over and we return to the city, I’ll plan a visit to Lancre and tell you all about our latest adventures over tea. Say “Hello” to Nanny Ogg from me.

Yours truly,


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