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Player Journals from Session 38

Travel Journal of Tod P. Quasit Jr.
September 1, 208

While Jibber and I were debating philosophical differences based on his outrageous theories of reciprocal metaphysical vengeance in the face of an absurdist universe,  the resurrected Gulleck and one of the Caryatids went back in search of the elixir of life for Lord Dinsdale and were apparently successful.  It is with a heavy heart that I must report that Ylil, that rambunctious thief I hardly knew, was killed.  Apparently by a giant spider or something. I guess Gulleck buried him.  It is a sad loss.

I met up with my fellow adventurers at the Rusty Lantern just as they returned from the Undercity.  The vile of precious liquid in hand, we paid a visit to Dinsdale.  With only moments left to live, he grabbed the elixir and drank it down.  There were loud noises, convulsions, and violence.  What emerged from under the bed sheets was not Dinsdale, although he wore his clothes and apparently remembered his trusty man servant Pensley.  This was a much younger, much more robust fellow, suddenly eager to adventure and enjoy a new life.  We were eventually rewarded with 400 platinum pieces, which given the sacrifices we made to get this elixir for him, we barely broke even.  Still, it's what we do.

September 7, 208

It has been formally decided that The Proper Authorities will go on a journey.  Apparently Gulleck's resurrection came with a catch.  He was tasked to travel east to find a monastery which is thought to be the last known resting place of a relic known only as The Lantern of Ezric Piah.  An artifact of untold power and mystery.  We are tasked to find this thing or die trying.  Truly a heroic quest. Today we consulted with a fellow named Father Merrymoon.  I think he might have been drunk.  Then we went down to the docks to meet with Gulleck's cousin Harfang.  Unfortunately, his ship was in dry dock being repaired but he arranged a meeting for us with a Captain Kurrrr.   We met her at a pub I've never been to.  I know right? The Hanged Duck. A filthy place full of the stench of sailors and the people who love them.  Kurrr seemed like a good sort and she agreed to give us space on her ship for a price.  The Black Marigold.   It is leaving dock in a fortnight, traveling east along the northern shore to Trabadanz.  Trabadanz.  My kind of place.  I've always wanted to go there.  From Trabadanz we will probably hire a guide and travel south through the mountains to a Dwarfen enclave.  Somewhere south of that is where this monastery is supposed to be.

Note to self: What is in the casket?

September 21, 208

Today we set sail.  It was very slow going and we were attacked by a group of Sprites.  Little people with wings and a bad attitude.  They turned our sail bright green and Tyrriel's hair bright pink.  Oh how Gulleck laughed and laughed.

September 22, 208

Today the winds picked up and we passed into the northern sea, turning east along the shore line. Nothing much happened. I sharpened my sword.

September 23, 208

I was sort of in a daze when I heard Jibber's shrill scream.  "Giant Eagle!" He was pointing into the sky.  Sure enough there was a giant eagle swooping straight for Gulleck.  Must have look like a delicious morsel of food. Gulleck scrambled below deck our of harms way as the Eagle crashed and rolled over the deck and back up into the sky. I drew my cross bow when Caryatid cast a spell and zapped the bird right in the beak.  Before I could shoot I think Tyriel cast a sleep spell and the bird just nose dived into the sea.  I think it decided it had had enough and flew away.  I'm going to bed.

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