Sunday, August 23, 2015

Player Journals from Session 30

Journal entry from Caryatid:

Dear diary:
It has been the weirdest several weeks in the Adventurers Guild! First, that Vito guy has simply disappeared, haven't seen him in over a month, I fear he has suffered a horrible fate, or worse, joined another band of adventurers!
Our untiring group finally did find Snapespindle in the catacombs and it was my mighty magic missile spell that defeated his sorry butt! Our dry spell of no treasure finally ended and we have found and sold many items including the Brazed Head, Blood Ankh, some gems, and many coins. We even found a punching bag piƱata filled with silver coins. 
The most bizarre thing ever happened; in a moment of selfish stupidity, I took a dip in the rebirthing pool hoping to gain some strength or wisdom or some other random benefit and something very weird occurred: I got duplicated. Now, I am keenly aware that I am the original, but this clone, or "Dopplemage" can't seem to wrap her brain around the fact that she is a magically-created twin. Sometimes frustrating, but having double the magic power has been advantageous, so I tolerate her. I don't see why no one else can tell the difference, but that's on them. I hope to make the trip to the mountains to see Granny Weatherwax soon and learn some more powerful magic. She will know what to do about this extra twin.

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